Samarth Cooperative Bank Ltd.


Manish Khargonkar


Samartha Cooperative Bank Ltd is a cooperative bank in Indore. This bank was previously working as a small cooperative society established under the M.P. State Co-operative Act 1959. The Chairman Prof. Bhagwant Joshi is an ambitious person. He believes that the bank should expand its business. The vice-chairman and other board of directors also believe this strongly, but they are doubtful about the efficiency of the bank staff. At the same time, they think that the customers and members are losing their trust in the bank. The depositors are doubtful about the reliability of the bank’s financial position. At the same time, the CEO Mr. Chandrakant Kulkarni who is a retired employee from a nationalized bank is well confident about the capability of the bank employees, and he is consistently trying to give solutions to the customers and members whenever they had a problem. The four-pillar strategy of the chairman and experience of the CEO along with the efficiency of the employees may lead to a successful expansion of the bank’s business in the future. The CEO believes that the customers and the members are having trust in the bank.


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