Personal Financial Planning Post COVID-19 Pandemic in India


Deepika Saxena
Nihanshi Goyal


As the unusual Covid-19 outbreak caught the globe by storm, one of the most essential lessons learned was the need of properly planning and managing one’s personal money in order to ensure a secure future. There has been a drastic impact of Covid- 19 on the personal finances of many individuals. The study examined people on the basis of gender, age group, and employment to determine how this pandemic has affected their financial life and how they feel about the financial independence. The present study aims to throw light on how the financial planning process has been changing lately due to the pandemic. The study will be useful to future researchers in understanding how people’s perception changes with change in circumstances as it emphasizes on various financial challenges faced by them due to this pandemic. The study uses exploratory research design and secondary sources of data collection to analyse the change in perception regarding financial planning post COVID-19 pandemic.


How to Cite
Saxena, D. ., & Goyal, N. . (2023). Personal Financial Planning Post COVID-19 Pandemic in India. NLDIMSR Innovision Journal of Management Research, 7(1), 41–47.


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